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I have officially entered, the suck. [ноя. 5, 2005|10:05 pm]
[Настроение |aggravatedaggravated]
[Музыка |Opeth, and Nerd Public Radio]

Let me tell you about a place called Woparoni Grill
The food tastes nice
salty and drenched in sauce
and the line cooks sweat

I'd spit in your food
Or worse
But we have an open kitchen, so it's all good
I'm not even allowed to cuss!

Yes all the worlds a stage here at the Waparoni Grill
My poems don't have to rhyme
anymore than my food must not be burnt

Just eat your crock and shut the fuck up
You know you love it
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Excuse me, I have to go feed kittens to an ATM somewhere. [сент. 24, 2005|09:41 pm]
Maybe this explains why I do so well in my finance classes.

In other news, I really like my new apartment, it smells way better than the old one.
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I can't break the laws of thermodynamics, Jim! [июл. 24, 2005|01:09 am]
[Настроение |tiredtired]
[Музыка |Crass - Nagasaki Nightmare]

No one updates their livejournal anymore. Maybe the fad is over.

Anywho, on wednesday I took a road trip to Gibsonton, FL with Juan and John to do a little fact finding for a documentary Juan wants to make. Gibsonton is semi-well known for being a winter residence of Circus folk, performers, carnies, sideshow freaks, whatever. Their post office is the only one in the US with seperate counters for midgets.

Mostly, it's one of those armpit of America type towns, except people there are unusually cool and friendly... and interesting. We met a the local artist, a really wierd guy who pretty much ran away at the first sight of our video camera, who had painted almost every square inch of wall of a local restaurant, and let me say I really dug his style, the guys got talent. An old magician, that had a workshop the size of a house stuffed with old props, posters, toys, boxes he used to saw women in half...we spent like 3 hours at his house. Our guide was Diana, the classiest, ballsiest, nicest owner of a dozen wolves (literally, she's an animal trainer, and can train almost ANY animal) I've ever met. We feasted on the greasiest cheeseburger I've ever eaten at the diner which was first opened by the founder of the town, a local giant.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we had a great time, and none of it was planned. We literally just rolled into town.
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RIP Snakey [июн. 8, 2005|03:03 pm]
[Настроение |contemplativecontemplative]
[Музыка |Black Dahlia Murder - Closed Casket Requiem]

He/she/it will be dearly missed.

This is why I can't have pets.
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FINALLY!!! [июн. 5, 2005|02:42 am]
[Настроение |giddygiddy]


So this is how Quentin Tarantino must have felt when he was making Kill Bill, except this isn't Tarantino, this is a fat middle aged writer of fantasy novels, supposedly written for fat socially inept fantasy nerds who dwell in their parent's basement.

Or maybe George RR Martin writes fucking INCREDIBLE books that I've been telling everybody to read for what seems like the last year, only no one does, but I'm sooooo excited right now it doesn't matter... My happiness, my 1000+ page fantasy pulp novels, that's all that matters. 
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More Bad Omens [июн. 4, 2005|01:16 pm]
[Настроение |confusedconfused]

Twenty minutes ago, I looked out the window and noticed that THERE IS A DEAD FUCKING CAT lying in our front yard. And when I went out to get a closer look, I was viciously attacked by ants, which are currently covering almost the entire walkway from my door to the driveway.

Also, MGD is horse piss, maybe the worst beer I've ever drank, and it's been horribly punishing my digestive system all day.

But seriously, who is this cat, where did it come from, why did it keel over and die in my front yard?
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When you see me comin, RUN [май. 31, 2005|01:10 am]
[Настроение |cheerfulHAIL SATAN!!!]
[Музыка |evil death metal music]

I'm convinced that satanic demons are possessing my house. Nothing supernatural has happened, lately, but the dark greasy cocked lord is exerting his influence in other, nefarious ways. Paul confirmed it to me tonight. I thought I was the only person in a rut these last few weeks, but the hex on our house is getting to him too.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the supposed jury, we have ABOSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING to be down about. Have I gotten laid recently, check. Have I had to worry about money recently, uhh, a little, but nothing serious. How's school going, I'm slacking off a bit, as usual, but again, nothing serious. How's work...well, it's Mac Grill, but whatever, it pays the bills. In short, life is generally cruising along like it normally does. Also, I found out that there are these two smoking hot asian girls that live across the way. They said I could come over whenever if I wanted to borrow some sugar (yes, they actually said that). Andre 3000 knows what I'm talking about.
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When meal plan opens up I'm gonna get me some biscuits and gravy. [апр. 29, 2005|05:57 am]
[Настроение |hungryhungry]
[Музыка |grunts, coughs, and the hum of computers]

6 AM, UCF computer lab, final's at 10, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy sometime after that.
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almost there... [апр. 1, 2005|02:40 am]
[Настроение |sleepysleepy]

Finals in less than a month, grades are good, I just need to keep my brain focused through this final stretch. Anywho, adderol is way overrated, or I have mutant ADD. Work continues to suck, moreso now that we are expected to sing happy birthday in italian to those mouth-breather guests of ours that like that sort of thing.

I've got my pride though...sooo I've decided to trade in my ironed shirt and colorful tie for a dirty kitchen uniform and a paycut. That's right, I'll be slinging salads and boiling tomato sauce and burning my flesh with propane powered fire. I'm actually kind of excited.
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Kirk Kameron told me I was going to hell. [мар. 29, 2005|10:58 am]
[Настроение |awake]

I deleted the last post, because it wasn't funny.

I found this, and I thought it was funnier.  And definitely more disturbing.  I'm not much of a fighter, so I'd probably top out at 20.  If I was in fear for my life, and they were a bunch of snot nosed brats, I think I could easily handle 150-200 burning on pure adrenaline. 

Also, I found out today that I've broken EVERY SINGLE COMMANDMENT, even the murder one (I didn't know hookers counted!). 


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